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Qu’est-ce qu’un prompt pour ChatGPT ? Où trouver des prompts ChatGPT ? Comment convertir ChatGPT en un générateur de prompts ? Vous êtes au bon endroit, car nous partageons ici quelques-uns des meilleurs prompts que nous avons découverts, classés par catégorie. Il vous suffit de faire défiler vers le bas… 👇

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Premium Prompt

Les prompts Premium de ChatGPT vont au-delà en incluant des instructions qui transforment ChatGPT en un véritable générateur de prompts.

Prompts SEO

ChatGPT vous aide à optimiser votre SEO, vos articles de blog, vos courriels, ou encore vos efforts de vente de façon automatique.

AI Art Prompt

Des prompts pour créer des images et logos IA compatibles avec Midjourney, Leonardo AI, Adobe Firefly, et bien d'autres.

Prompts pour créer des logos

Générez des logos remarquables et percutants en utilisant ces prompts adaptés pour Midjourney, Leonardo AI, ou encore Adobe Firefly.

Create a visually striking 3D render of a majestic [neon eagle], blending elements of natural beauty with futuristic aesthetics. Design an [eagle] with sleek and streamlined features, incorporating neon lighting effects to give it a vibrant and otherworldly appearance. Craft the [eagle’s] body with precision, capturing the grace of its wings, the sharpness of its beak, and the intensity of its gaze. Utilize high – resolution textures and materials to bring out the neon elements, creating a glowing effect that emanates from the [eagle’s] body and feathers. Experiment with vibrant colors, such as electric blues, radiant greens, and intense purples, to enhance the futuristic vibe. Employ dynamic lighting techniques to accentuate the neon glow, casting dramatic shadows and reflections. Consider placing the [neon eagle] in a surreal environment, such as a futuristic cityscape or a cosmic backdrop, to further enhance the futuristic theme. Capture the [eagle] in a powerful and commanding pose, evoking a sense of strength and majesty. The resulting 3D render should showcase the harmonious blend of natural beauty and technological allure, evoking a sense of awe, wonder, and a glimpse into a neon-lit future

“Design a sleek and captivating [neon lion logo] using AI techniques. Create a high-resolution image with characteristics like 4K, 8K, or even 64K resolution, emphasizing the neon aesthetic and photorealistic rendering. Craft a [lion] symbol that embodies strength, power, and majesty, while incorporating a futuristic and vibrant neon style. Experiment with different neon color palettes, such as electric blues, vibrant pinks, or glowing greens, to create a visually striking and eye-catching effect.Pay attention to details, ensuring the logo is highly detailed and hyperrealistic, capturing the intricate features of the [lion’s] face, mane, and eyes. Consider using advanced rendering techniques to add depth, shadows, and highlights, enhancing the logo’s three-dimensional appearance.Explore different design elements, such as geometric shapes, abstract lines, or dynamic patterns, to complement the [neon lion]. Incorporate a sense of motion or energy into the logo, giving it a modern and dynamic feel

a modern [sword] logo, minimalist and clean design, light blue color, monochromatic color scheme, simple and sleek, clean lines, geometric abstraction, 3d Render, negative space, subtle gradients, retro vibe, white background

A [pizza slice] 3D rendering logo, unreal engine v5, very cute shape, miniature small scale painting style, minimalism, lite object style, up view, matte, white background, soft round form, ultra high definition details, 8k

Viking Warrior Heraldry silhouette, sticker masking style illustration, by dan mumford, by greg rutkowski, by james jean, white background, fantasy art, eldritch, realistic, majestic, vibrant rich colors, high contrast, no watermark, artstation, deviantart, dribbble, redbubble, teepublic, sharp focus, simple, hyperdetailed, detailed drawing, vectorize, contour, isometric style, 8k. Style: children’s picture book

flat vector logo of [a wave], blue, trending on Dribble, gradient color scheme, 3D white background

line art logo of [an eagle], thin red color lines, minimal, white background

Capture a striking and vivid image of a Viking warrior exuding confidence and prowess, wearing historically accurate armor, a horned helmet, and wielding a mighty axe and shield. Utilize a Zeiss Distagon T* 35mm f/1.4 lens to achieve excellent sharpness and color fidelity, ensuring the rich textures and hues in the scene are faithfully represented. Compose the scene with the Viking warrior standing in a rugged landscape, with a traditional longship visible in the background, under a dramatic sky. Experiment with volumetric lighting to accentuate the warrior’s powerful presence and create a cinematic atmosphere. Emphasize the depth of field and contrast in the scene to highlight the intricate details of the warrior’s attire and surroundings.

An abstract flat vector logo with a unique shape and a vibrant color scheme.

A dazzling neon logo of an owl, glowing, flat design, radiating with energy against a black background.

[tiger], pixar style, white background

a modern [sword] logo, minimalist and clean design, light blue color, monochromatic color scheme, simple and sleek, clean lines, geometric abstraction, 3d Render, negative space, subtle gradients, retro vibe, white background

flat vector logo of [a wave], blue, trending on Dribble, gradient color scheme, 3D white background

A captivating logo featuring a majestic eagle in a stunning neon style. The eagle is portrayed with !sleek and powerful! lines, capturing its commanding presence and grace. The neon effect imbues the logo with a vibrant and futuristic look. The logo is designed in a !striking and dynamic style!, utilizing neon colors that !glow and pulsate!. The contours of the eagle’s form are outlined with vibrant neon lines, adding depth and visual interest. The neon colors used are carefully selected to evoke a sense of energy and excitement. To enhance the impact of the logo, a !subtle gradient lighting effect! is employed. The light source illuminates the eagle from one side, casting a gentle glow that accentuates its contours. The gradient lighting adds a sense of dimension and realism to the logo, making it visually engaging. This emblem logo is perfect for representing a bold and powerful brand, team, or organization. It conveys a sense of strength, freedom, and leadership, leaving a lasting impression on viewers

vibrant [diamond] logo with minimalistic design, retro colors, glitchy effects, vaporwave style, 8-bit graphics, pixelated animation, white background, cyberpunk style, futuristic

A vibrant, multicolored logo with a smooth gradient transition between each hue.

A logo with a gradient of colors that gradually shift from one to the next.

Stunning logo for marketing agency, using a [fox] face to face, minimalist style, vibrant, uх, ui,

“Imagine you’ve been commissioned to create an emblematic logo for a forward-thinking organization, and they desire a visually captivating design featuring a neon eagle. The logo should embody qualities like vision, grace, power, and a touch of futuristic elegance. Generate prompts that elicit vibrant descriptions, unique design elements, and engaging narratives for this AI-generated image. Envision the majestic eagle brought to life with radiant neon lights, soaring against a backdrop that signifies progress and innovation. Let your creativity soar as you craft prompts that transport readers into the captivating world of this neon eagle logo.”